About us

Truesec is a highly regarded company that focuses on cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and secure development. We have made a concerted effort to assemble a team of the top experts in each field.

Our company was established in early 2005 and quickly took a key position in the Swedish market. Over time, we have created a strong reputation internationally. Today, the TRUESEC team has assignments all over the world.


We are truly passionate about what we do!
Our hunger to follow industry trends, testing and challenging developments in security and IT infrastructure, is our driving force. For all of us, passion is the most important component in our work, as well as a boost to our quality of life.


We have handpicked our team to provide a mix of expertise and experience.
Due to our specialists’ deep skills, Truesec is engaged in critical projects related to national security and infrastructure. We carry out research assignments and audits to assist companies and organizations worldwide in major emergencies. We also hold lectures at major international conferences.


A variety of specialized competences gives us the ability to have a holistic understanding.
With its composition of experts, Truesec understands how cybersecurity, infrastructure, and secure development must work together to achieve a balanced security level. The industry’s awareness of how all the parts of IT are interrelated is, in our opinion, often very low, but how much they affect each other is even lower. Having a holistic perspective is important when developing solutions for customers, assisting with major incidents, carrying out audits, etc.

Pedagogical competence – a core characteristic

TrueSec’s corporate culture is characterized by a genuine willingness to share our knowledge and experience. We can explain the most complex IT-related topics to management, technicians, and users alike. In all our commitments, knowledge transfer plays a central and important part.

We are independent

Through the company’s combined expertise and experience, we influence the society of both today and tomorrow. To ensure that our delivery is well-suited for our customers and to avoid conflicts of interest, we are supplier-independent and do not sell any external products or services.