TrueSec | Windows 10 Deployment - Virtual Summit

Windows 10 Deployment - Virtual Summit

Session #1: Windows 10 Deployment – State of the Union 
Speakers: Mikael Nystrom and Ami Casto

Session #2: Top Tools and Technologies for Accelerating Your Windows 10 Deployments with Adaptiva
Speakers: Chaz Spahn and Adam Bresson

Session #3: Modern BIOS and Driver Management (and other fun Task Sequence hacks)
Speakers: Maurice Daly and Ami Casto

Session #4: Modern vs. Traditional Deployments
Speakers: Michael Niehaus and Johan Arwidmark

Session #5: PowerShell: Your Friend to OSD Automation Success
Speakers: Mikael Nystrom and Nickolaj Andersen

Ami Casto, Michael Niehaus, Mikael Nystrom, Nickolaj Andersen, Maurice Daly, Adam Bresson, Chaz Spahn, and Johan Arwidmark

The OSD Dream Team :)